Artists’ Tips

“When Dad had the Gallery, one of the first shows he did was for up and coming watercolor artist C. Warren Cullar. He always started by totally soaking his rag paper before painting.”

– Allen Palmer

Do you like to buy large containers of Gesso, paints and  mediums  but have problems with them drying out to quickly? Stretch plastic wrap into the tubs and press plastic directly to surface and put lid back on. You loose a small amount from it sticking to the wrap, but it’s way less then when it gets dry.

-Customer Tip

Wrinkled or Curled Cotton Papers

If cotton papers such as Arches or Fabriano become wrinkled you can iron them. Try medium heat you may have to lightly spray the paper with water to totally flatten depending on how badly it’s wrinkled or dented. If you have already done artwork on the paper proceed with extreme caution. Certain inks and paints do not react to heat well. Best to try on a small scrap with the same medium on it first.

-Staff Tip

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