Featured Artist Program

To apply to be a featured artist send a email the location you wish to be featured. Please include a contact phone number and attach a couple images of your artwork.

Kingston Store – Leigh Petersen

Woodstock – Mike Hague

What are we looking for?

Art work by local artists that is appropriate for all ages since we are a family friendly business.

What do we do for our featured artists?

Free Space

We do not charge any fees for being a Featured Artist

No percentage

We do not take any percentage from Sale of any Artwork.

All sales need to be handled by the Artist. Any interested customers will be directed to your featured artist page for contact


We create a page for you on our Website

After your month is up it become part of our Artist ‘Art’Chive. We leave each Artist page up for 1 year. 

Social Media 

We make announcements about each stores Featured Artist

Please note that artwork on paper must be framed or in print bags with stiff backers.