Renee Samuels

Artist Statement

There’s nothing academic about my work or my thoughts about it. I can’t talk about it as if it was conceived as a complex system of expression. I love what I create; it’s the most important thing I do.

My series “Homage to Something” is named for faith in myself as an artist and the rightness of my work—the “Something” being art and having faith to be free in my exploration, to have fun with it and enjoy making art as I did as a child, while at the same time pursuing a more refined and organized expression of ideas, representing what I love and believe in and feel is important. This principle extends to all my work, the composition of which—and it should go without saying but I’m not sure it always does—is based in space, line, shape, color and dynamic equilibrium.

My art isn’t political, but I could say the politics of it are universal in my desire to show people something I want them to see and be moved by and delight in and achieve serenity through, to feel that seeing the beauty of art is important and feel their lives in a deeper way.

Artist Bio

Renee Samuels (b. St. Johnsbury, Vermont), studied English and art from 1976-1980 at Boston University and moved to Woodstock, New York, in 1987, where she began five years of study with the late Nicholas Buhalis, working six hours a day, three days per week on drawing, painting and art history. Exhibiting since 1987, she won a First Prize in a painting exhibition at Woodstock Artists Association and Museum in 1990. Since then she’s been in over 80 group shows and more than 10 solo shows in the Hudson Valley region, New York City, New Jersey and Cambridge, MA.

Artist Contact info

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