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Royal Langnickel

Cool Art Keep N’ Carry Sets

 Cool Art Fanned ImageThe Royal & Langnickel “Cool Art” line is a fun and creative collection! It’s some of our best and most popular sets. From pastels, color pencils, & markers to acrylic, watercolor paints and much more! Help your young artist feel like a professional with any of these fine creative materials for hours of fun.

Pentalic Aqua Journals - [NEW SIZES]

Aqua JournalEuropean milled, 140 lb. (300 gsm) acid free paper provides the perfect weight and texture for watercolor journaling. Each Aqua Journal is bound in a landscape format with six signatures so that the book lays flat when open. An elastic brush holder is positioned at the top of the book and is designed to hold a Connoisseur Kolinsky Sable Travel Brush. The Aqua Journal is fitted with our signature ribbon marker, elastic band closure and storage pocket in the back of the book. The midnight blue Aqua Journal insidecover material is manufactured in Europe. 48 pages. For each ten 5″ x 8″ books ordered a free displayer box is included. For each nine 3.5″ x 5.375″ books ordered a free displayer box is included.



3.5×5.375  /  5×8  /  5.5×5.5  /  7×10  /  8.5×11 

Johanna Basford Coloring Canvas

Coloring CanvasYour favorite scenes from Johanna Basford’s inky adventures have leapt off the page and onto ready-to-hang artist-quality canvases! Explore all of Johanna’s worlds, from the Secret Garden, through the Enchanted Forest to the depths of the Lost Ocean. Each canvas features an intricate original design printed on 8 oz. primed cotton, stretched around an acid-free paper board and a 3/4″ deep pine frame. Pair Johanna Basford coloring canvas with sets of coloring markers, pens or paint for a truly creative experience!

Borden & Riley #123 Artist Book

#123ArtistBookThe only one of it’s king on the market. This sketch pad contains three different types of paper to bring your illustration to life. 40 sheets of Trace, 40 sheets of Sketch and 10 sheets of Bristol.



Jack Richeson Hand Rolled Pastels

JRhandrolledSoft Handmade Pastels offer a consistent application without crumbling as some softer pastels do. The soft round pastels help you create broad smooth strokes or fine details. Appropriate for every level of skill and creativity. They are versatile, vibrant and well-made. Perfect for all paintings from sketches to final touches.  Carried in all three Locations.

Casting Resin

Clear Casting Resin White Casting Resin

Amazing Casting Resin-Clear

Two-part clear coating and casting resin process is easy to use! Works best if cast in sections less than 3/8″ thick. Ideal for coating bar tops or casting small items. Can be colored with dyes, fillers, and pigments. Allow coatings to cure for a minimum of 48 hours. A release agent is required for non-silicone molds. 16 oz. kit covers approximately 3-4 sq. ft. Work time: 30-40 minutes.

Amazing Casting Resin -Snow White

Extremely easy to use! Two part process goes from liquid to solid in 10 minutes. Pours clear and dries to an opaque snow-white. Thin consistency allows for perfect replication of detail. Cured casting resin pieces can be painted, stained, dyed, tapped, drilled, and machined. 8 fl. oz. of A side and B side. Work time: 2-3 minutes.  

 Mold Making 

Mold Putty Mold Rubber

Mold Putty

FDA compliant platinum-based mold putty is the best product for making quick simple flexible rubber molds for resin, plaster, polymer clay, wax, chocolate, soap, and much more. Work time: 2-3 minutes. Cure time: 20 minutes. 2/3 lb/300g.

Mold Rubber

A two-part liquid rubber used to make extremely elastic molds to produce quick and exact reproductions of an original. Replicas can be cast in Amazing Casting Resin or Amazing Clear Cast. Strong, soft, and flexible; great for undercut parts. Net wt: 349.3 g (.77 lbs.). Work time: 20 minutes. Cure time: 2-4 hours.

Denik Journals

collage_20160708125957276_20160708130118228They gather artists from across the globe and put their work on journals, notebooks, and sketchbooks. Then, with every product sold, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to building schools and to support the artist. Carried in our Woodstock and Kingston Locations

Spectra AD Markers

Spectra AD Markers are extremely versatile, featuring dual-ended tips with a flexible brush tip on one side and an innovative Tri-nib on the other. These brilliant alcohol-based markers availalbe in 95 colors are ideal for both art and design. The AD Marker signature Tri-nib offers three line widths – fine, medium and broad – with a twist of the wrist. Colors dry fast, are permanent and non-toxic. They can be used with the Spectra AD Blender to create gradations, to blend and lighten color. Spectra AD Markers canalso be used with traditional xylene-based Markers. Carried in all three Locations.

Sennelier Abstract Acrylics

AbstractHighly pigmented, heavy body acrylic paints in an innovative flexible pouch! These fine quality paints come housed in an extra-sturdy, easy-to-transport squeezable pouch that features a transparent window that shows the exact color inside. Paint straight out of the pouch or use it as you would any acrylic paint. Made in France.  Carried in all three Locations.


5 pen Primary Tone Marker Set

Each pen produces multiple color tones, giving artists the ability to create stunning effects such as 3D, smooth transitions, highlighting, shading, gradations and blending, all with one pen. The markers are refillable and all nibs are replaceable; use the Chameleon Tweezers to easily remove nibs and refill pens. Each set includes detailed instructions that have useful hints, tips and techniques.

DaVinci Cosmotop-Spin Brushes

DaVinciWater colour brush, so-called “pocket-brush” finest, light-brown synthetic fiber, silver ferrule double section black artificial horn handles. For all liquid colours, especially for water-colour and silk painting. Great Travel Brushes! Carried in all three Locations.

Copic SenseBooks Notebooks

SenseBook notebooks are ideal to track ideas, designs, illustrations and much more. Each notebook contains 135 pages with 16 perforated pages, seven index pages and a personal information page to easily keep your thoughts organized. These notebooks feature hand-sewn, genuine cowhide leather covers, thread binding and a red ribbon bookmark. The covers feature a leather pen loop on the inside and can be secured closed with the flap and tie. Available in either blank, ruled or squared paper styles. Refills are available.

 Carried only in our Woodstock Location.

Old Holland Oil Paints [Full line]

OHpaintTubesKingston store now has the FULL LINE of 37ml

Woodstock and Poughkeepsie carry smaller assortments.


Pigma Professional Brush Marker

 From super fine hairlines to big, bold strokes, the new Pigma Professional Brush series offers the ultimate in versatility.  These durable brush nibs respond to instant changes in pressure or direction with a silky smooth, accurate and consistent ink flow.  The deep black, archival quality Pigma® ink ensures the mark will last a lifetime. The brush nibs were specially developed to provide fantastic bounce and memory over long periods of


Yasutomo Gold & Silver Sumi Inks

YASinksEXBlack Inks that are infused with metallic gold or silver powder for making stunning effects on rice paper.