What’s New

Jacquard YouCan

This refillable air pressured spray can is great for applying fabric paint, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor, varnish, alcohol inks, primer, adhesives, cleaner, water and any other liquid to a surface. Fill the can 1/3 of the way full, insert valve gasket, valve, and screw on the collar and pressurize with an air compressor or bike pump. Attach any spray cap of your choosing and spray.

New File Folder Designs

Cool new designs from Punch Studio and Molly & Rex

Full Assortment of Testors 

Available in our Kingston location.

These oil-based enamel paints can be applied to almost any surface. They are fast drying, easy to apply and have excellent flow and coverage. Available in a .25 oz. bottle.


Pigma Micron .15mm [003]

The smallest Pigma Micron nib ever!

Pigma Micron PN

[Full Selection Available at our Kingston Location]

Sakura has released a Plastic nib Pigma Micron Pen. These pens offer the same quality Pigma Ink performance as the regular Pigma Micron pens with a plastic nib suitable for everyday, multi-purpose writing. The durable plastic nib (PN) provides skip-free writing, and a fine or medium line width (.4mm to .5mm) can be achieved, based on writing pressure. The polyacetal nib structure allows for smooth ink-flow whether writing fast or slow writing for right or left handed users by writing at an angle. Ideal for use on paper. Pigma archival quality ink is waterproof, chemical and fade resistant, bleed free, quick drying and pH neutral.


Jack Richeson Powdered Tempera Paint

Jack Richeson Powdered Tempera PaintConvenient and easy to use! Just mix equal parts powder and water. For thinner washes add more water, for thicker, richer colors add less water.

1 lb Containers – White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown and Black


Fluorescent Colors Glow under Black Light! 

Black Light TemperaRich, brilliant colors glow under black light and are bright in normal light.

1/2 Lb Containers – Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Blue & Fluorescent Green. 


Montana UV Effects Spray Paint

UV Effects


Montana UV-EFFECT is a transparent effect paint that is only visible under direct UV light. This EFFECT paint is able to be applied on almost any surface. The colorless and semi-gloss paint is not visible in sunlight, but illuminates when exposed to UV light with a glowing, blue-purple color.

New Decomposition Book Designs

Just a few, there are many more to choose from. 

New Decomp Coil Bound

New Decomposition Coil bound size!

Mini Decomposition Books


Pocket-size version of Michael Roger Press Coil bound Decomposition Books. They are 4” x 6” and feature college-ruled, micro-perforated pages.

‘Country’ Panels

PanelCross-cut basswood sections has natural bark around the outer edge. Dried to a lower moisture content than most to prevent cracking or splitting from bark. Ready to stain, paint, woodburn, carve, stamp, color and more!


Royal Langnickel

Cool Art Keep N’ Carry Sets

 Cool Art Fanned ImageThe Royal & Langnickel “Cool Art” line is a fun and creative collection! It’s some of our best and most popular sets. From pastels, color pencils, & markers to acrylic, watercolor paints and much more! Help your young artist feel like a professional with any of these fine creative materials for hours of fun.

Pentalic Aqua Journals – [NEW SIZES]

Aqua JournalEuropean milled, 140 lb. (300 gsm) acid free paper provides the perfect weight and texture for watercolor journaling. Each Aqua Journal is bound in a landscape format with six signatures so that the book lays flat when open. An elastic brush holder is positioned at the top of the book and is designed to hold a Connoisseur Kolinsky Sable Travel Brush. The Aqua Journal is fitted with our signature ribbon marker, elastic band closure and storage pocket in the back of the book. The midnight blue Aqua Journal insidecover material is manufactured in Europe. 48 pages. For each ten 5″ x 8″ books ordered a free displayer box is included. For each nine 3.5″ x 5.375″ books ordered a free displayer box is included.



3.5×5.375  /  5×8  /  5.5×5.5  /  7×10  /  8.5×11 

Jack Richeson Hand Rolled Pastels

JRhandrolledSoft Handmade Pastels offer a consistent application without crumbling as some softer pastels do. The soft round pastels help you create broad smooth strokes or fine details. Appropriate for every level of skill and creativity. They are versatile, vibrant and well-made. Perfect for all paintings from sketches to final touches.  Carried in all three Locations.

Sennelier Abstract Acrylics

AbstractHighly pigmented, heavy body acrylic paints in an innovative flexible pouch! These fine quality paints come housed in an extra-sturdy, easy-to-transport squeezable pouch that features a transparent window that shows the exact color inside. Paint straight out of the pouch or use it as you would any acrylic paint. Made in France.  Carried in all three Locations.


5 pen Primary Tone Marker Set

Each pen produces multiple color tones, giving artists the ability to create stunning effects such as 3D, smooth transitions, highlighting, shading, gradations and blending, all with one pen. The markers are refillable and all nibs are replaceable; use the Chameleon Tweezers to easily remove nibs and refill pens. Each set includes detailed instructions that have useful hints, tips and techniques.