What’s New

Coloring Postcards and poster sets.

 Reeves Postcard coloring sets are perfect for on-the-go creativity. Includes 6 colored pencils, 20 designs and a durable clear pencil case. Pages are perforated for easy removal. 

Reeves Poster sets are great for group creativity. They include 12 colored pencils. 


Sennielier Abstract Sets

These sets include five highly pigmented, fine quality heavy body paints that come housed in innovative, extra-sturdy and easy-to-transport squeezable pouches. Paint straight out of the pouch or use it as you would any acrylic paint. 

Sets come in Primary colors, Metallics and Fluorescents. 

Jacquard YouCan

This refillable air pressured spray can is great for applying fabric paint, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor, varnish, alcohol inks, primer, adhesives, cleaner, water and any other liquid to a surface. Fill the can 1/3 of the way full, insert valve gasket, valve, and screw on the collar and pressurize with an air compressor or bike pump. Attach any spray cap of your choosing and spray.

New Winsor & Newton Sets

Full Assortment of Testors 

Available in our Kingston location.

These oil-based enamel paints can be applied to almost any surface. They are fast drying, easy to apply and have excellent flow and coverage. Available in a .25 oz. bottle.