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Bianca Gallagher

As a multi-media artist it is my lifelong pursuit to create memorable experiences. This is why after working in graphic design and marketing, falling in love with the art of the frame was easy.

Having relocated from Philadelphia to Woodstock just four years ago, joining the Catskill Art family has been the perfect conduit for collaboration with artists and collectors in the local community.

The moment a piece of art comes to life by being placed in a mat or frame assures me that I have actualized the clients desire to transform their art into an experience. Creating little vignettes in which sentimental moments can effectively tell their stories is an endless source of inspiration. A perfect joy worth repeating. The constant opportunity to create spaces in which art can live, breathe, and transcend. If we are all constantly in creative process, I am more happy to assist with putting our artistic visions into existence.

Bianca Gallagher

Specializing in fabric mounting, Shadow Boxes and Psychedelic Poster Art.