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Dawn Marie Haynes

Primarily a self taught artist and native Hudson Valley resident, I have always had a strong interest in art from an early age.

Through college courses, workshops, volunteering and independent studies I have enjoyed the exciting process and versatility of the colored pencil medium. I obtain a wide range of assignments from greeting cards to tattoo designs but specialize in portraiture. I find it is the most rewarding and exciting of assignments because it is a gift that is forever cherished by loved ones.

My experience in using this brilliant medium has led me to gain the experience needed to obtain commissioned assignments, as well as, even instruct using various techniques I have learned to share with others, in both pre-teen and adult settings over the years.

Past assignments completed include areas throughout the New York, Florida and state of Maine regions. They include portraits of children, celebrities, memorials, engagement, wedding portraits and a variety of illustrations for home, office or body art.

Part of the satisfaction that I get as an artist is sharing what I have learned with others when given the opportunity, but more importantly, using my skills to bring out not only a “likeness” but the essence of each individual person and pursuing what I am most passionate about in my life.

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