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Durga Yael Bernhard

Artist Bio

Durga Yael Bernhard is a fine art painter, illustrator, children’s book author and educator. She has illustrated three dozen innovative children’s books with multicultural and conceptual themes ranging from time zones to olives to love. Her unique Jewish-themed art has been published widely in books, calendars and other venues.

List of Exhibitions

Please visit the Artist’s website at and click on ‘Clients & Exhibitions’ to find out more about Ms. Bernhard’s word and to view several online exhibitions. Her online ‘Gallery of Art’ includes over 500 examples of her fine art paintings and illustrations.

Paintings on display

“Tree of Life Menorah” combines the Jewish concept of the Tree of Life with the classic structure of the eight-branched candelabra – a celebration of the renewal of light in times of darkness.

“Young Olive” was painted in Israel at the site of the ancient graves of the Maccabees, who fought to regain the temple in Jerusalem in 165 BCE (the event commemorated by Chanukah). This was a study for the artist’s picture book “The Life of an Olive”, published in 2016.

“Ein Gedi” was inspired by the artist’s visits to the nature preserve in Israel by the same name. It features spectacular waterfalls that issue straight from the walls of the desert ravine. The Judean Desert is utterly dry – yet like a miracle from the hand of God, out of the canyon of solid rock comes a waterfall that cascades down to the Dead Sea. Here the waterfall is placed in a hamsa – a hand-shaped symbol with an eye in the center of the palm, popular in the Middle East as a token of God’s protection.

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