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Emily Roberts-Negron

Artist statement:

The world I see is illuminated by fields of layered light; adorned with intersecting lines textures and transparencies. Stimulated by architectural anatomy, my work pulls apart these basic foundations of structure and re-configures them into a woven patchwork of interlocking forms. Patterned papers, envelopes, old Letratone sheets and colored ceramic tiles surround my work space. By studying these assorted treasures I begin to define their abstractions, breaking down shape and movement to develop form and dimension.

I am inspired by everyday nuances, like the unrefined folds in the face of a mountain, and the hard angled shadows cast upon the walls of my home. I spend my days observing and documenting these intricacies. Though I am drawn to the immediate and perceptive nature of photography, I often work in more tactile methods like drawing and collage. My work varies in technique and lends itself to whatever medium best describes it.

I have been a visual thinker my entire life, raised under a roof filled with artistic encouragement. My work delineates the divided time spent living between New York City and the Catskills, using imagery and motifs from both environments. Yet, the root of my inspiration rests in an awareness of spatial relationships, where an object is just as valuable as the void it creates. I have recently curated several separate exhibitions at BronxArtSpace, where I investigated similar, yet more cognitive themes that focused on overlapping personality types, contours and the concept of “seeing.” My current body of work is directly influenced and designed to coexist with buildings and other constructions.