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Faye Richland

Artist Bio

The first time I ever saw an oil painting was at home. My parents appreciated pastoral scenes. In first grade, we painted using primary colors. We each had an easel with jars of red, blue, yellow and green paint, gigantic sheets of paper and a long paint brush.I attended The Art Students League for many years, enjoyed the studios and had memorable instructors and lessons.

Faye-BlueSkyOverWoodstock Summer30x40I love to paint and to draw. I love color and landscapes. Experimenting with different colors of paint is how and why we bring nature into our homes and to public consciousness. Life is in color. The trees, the sky, the plants, flowers, bicycles, babies and kids love colors. They brighten our day and another and another.

According to Matisse, “Seek the strongest color effect possible, the content is of no importance.” We learn from the observations of other artists.

Here are some of Paul Cezanne’s reflections….

“The Louvre is the book in which we learn to read.”

About friendship he said, “Keep good company, go to the Louvre.”

“We live in a rainbow of chaos.”

One more: “Nature is the best instructor

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