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George jv Habernig

“Spooky Occurrences” times when we feel like we are not alone. Being opened minded helps to get by these days,or manage. That’s why the area of ART and expression is so important, it heals…Ive been doing ART for some time, my early days before high school, but really not until then…my teachers showing me and teaching me the inside and outs..”STILL LIFE” how to control brush strokes,my first use of oil paints. Some college, but not much..worked with figure drawing and pen work. Since about 2003..using the abstract, the science of line..bringing out form, movement and the traditional sense of making ART. The last few years or so working more with Photography(instagram:

georgejhabernig1975)Its impressive what you can do with Apps they now have available. My father is a it was introduced to me at an early age. Between making Art and taking Photographs, I’m also involved (alot of the time) making music, electronic experimental music..which you can find on soundcloud under george j habernig or I have a good body of material. Born in Kingston NY August 8 1975. Still reside here.

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