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Janene Gentile

Artist Statement and Bio:

As an abstract painter, I use my life’s diversity in my work. My past has allowed me to create murals and participate in public performances and art installations. I use music, color, and emotional reactions to sensory events in my autonomic paintings. I have a compulsive need to create these. I mark the drama that stirs the human spirit and shapes the world. These moments inspire me. I find my voice and my paintings become expressive imprints of instants in time with paint. These situations move me. My emotional interplay with the reality of life, as I see things, makes the Gentilepainter!

Janene was born in the Bronx and is proud of her roots and the influences of cultural diversity and all those flavors of ethnic groups that she embraced while in New York. She has been making art for over 40 years. A child of the 70’s, she had a deep-
rooted history in art for social change and was instrumental in many public projects for common issues with disenfranchised population segments of society. Early on, all her art reflected political and social needs for change. She participated in art installations at alternative galleries in NYC and surrounding boroughs during the 70’s and 80’s. After her fine art degree from Lincoln Center College and masters from NYU she studied throughout Europe, including her highpoint a three month artist-in-residence
in Venice which ended with a group exhibition in Venice.

Janene has regularly shown her work and sold many paintings to collectors. She has had solo exhibits at Jade in Forest Hills and Studio E in Miller Place. She recently was featured in a dual exhibit at the BAFFA Gallery in Sayville. David Saltz, one of the original Hard Rock Cafe investors has a number of Janene’s work in his collection.

Janene is a member of Women Sharing Art since 2015 and has exhibited in several shows with the group and for the last year is a member of Tivoli Artists Gallery.

Janene was featured in 2018 MIAMI ART BASEL with the BELEN MORENO STUDIO.

She currently lives and works in her studio in Tivoli, NY.

Artist's Email:

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Art Shows

- Franklin Furnace (Snap) 1980
- Art Space, SoHo, NYC 1981
- Franklin Furnace, NYC 1982
- Fashion Moda, Bronx, NY 1982
- Club 57 Art Festival, NYC 1982
- Pathways Exhibition, (NYU) Venice, Italy 1983
- Video Art Festival, Venice, Italy 1983
- Jade Gallery, Forest Hills, NY 1998
- BAFFA, Sayville, NY 2015
- Islip Museum, WSA Show, 2018
- Miami Art Basel, Belen Moreno Studio, 2018
- Art Central Galleria, Central Park S., NYC Current
- Tivoli Artists Gallery, Tivoli, NY Current