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Kasmira Demyan

Artist Statement

“An engagement for a moment of relief and connection. A paradox between nature and a visual study. The assemblages in my process of work reveal a deeper connection to our surroundings, and a disconnect from ourselves.”

My work lies between traditional art styles and contemporary abstraction. I let my creative energy flow out onto my canvas and create a confessional of my thoughts and emotions. As an artist, I want to help inspire the creative process for individuals who ache physically, mentally, and/or emotionally into metaphors and visual symbols to cultivate an expression of visual language. As the art making process, I believe is a mirror of life process.

Artist Bio

Within the past few years I have attended SUNY Ulster in Stone Ridge, NY for Visual Arts and I am now a full-time student attaining my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University at Albany in Albany, NY in pursuit of becoming an Art Therapist.

List of Shows & Exhibitions

Kingston Night Market Summer 2015 & Fall 2016

Ole Savannah “Art Garten Pop-up” show July 2017

Uptown Coffee, Kingston NY exhibition “Abstractions & Illustrations” July 2017

Peace Nation Café, Kingston NY exhibition “Abstractions & Illustrations” August 2017

Artist Contact Information

Phone: (845)802-6397