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Noah Landaira

Artist Statement

Lovers of color are lovers of a world without boundaries. Through my artwork, I hope to inspire your imagination to see the world around you in colors that make your world a brighter, happier place. Through my stained glass and pour paintings, I intend to use the seamless blending of colors on a canvas as an expression of a world in which we, as humans, live in unity and complement one another just as easily as the colors in the piece.

Artist Biography

Noah Landaira is an art student based in Dutchess County. His love of color blending leads him to create pour and stained-glass style paintings. Noah inspires us to look at the world in non-traditional colors, hence, the varying colors of his landscapes and skies. Working in various mediums, Noah is continually inspired by the entire palette. Noah’s work has been showcased at a local community college.

List of Exhibitions

DCC end of semester art gallery. Cherry Blossom Mural. (Dutchess Community College)

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