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Renee Samuels

Artist’s Bio

Born in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, grew up in Massachusetts, have lived in and around Woodstock, New York, since 1987. Studied drawing and painting with Nicholas Buhalis 1987-1992. Exhibited regionally since 1988, including New York City and Cambridge, Massachusetts. I still love New England and feel like a New Englander, not a New Yorker. I love nature and animals, the seashore and long walks. I’m a great reader and always have a pile of books by my bed; I also have an enormous collection of movies, from as early as 1916 to the present, but mostly from the 1930s. As they say, “They don’t make ’em like they used to!”

Artist’s Statement

The paintings I’m showing are from a subseries of “rectangle” paintings from the “Homage to Something” series, which is named for faith in myself as an artist, faith to allow myself to be free in my exploration, to have fun with it and enjoy it as I did as a child, while at the same time pursuing a refined expression of ideas. The “Something” of “Homage to Something” also means I don’t/can’t know what that “Something” really is but believe in it anyway. Describing a rectangle, a little painting within each painting, is the tenderness of the small within the large.

Re my collages, I recently wrote this:
For those who think they don’t like or understand what’s known as abstract art: You don’t have to understand it! It’s a combination of shapes and colors, simple as that, and I hope it gives you a nice feeling when you look at it. It’s not meant to be a picture of anything, unless maybe it’s a picture of a feeling translated into shapes and colors. When I make these collages, I try to create a dynamic image with colors that complement one another and shapes that create a harmonious rhythm. They’re meant to express my happy spirit.

My art isn’t political, but one could say the politics of it are universal in my desire to show people something I want them to be moved by—for instance, seeing my paintings and then recognizing the way colors blend in nature, or finding in my collages echoes of natural movements in dance or trees blowing in the wind.




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