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Samantha Leiching

Artist Bio:

I am an artist currently enrolled as a fine arts major at SUNY Ulster. I am in my fourth semester, and I’m looking forward to transferring to SUNY New Paltz next spring. There, I will be able to expand my horizons even further than I already have now. I have lived in the city of Kingston for my entire life, making works of art ever since I was able to hold a crayon. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in art since a young age. I started out with simple sketches of scenery and animals, but soon moved on to embracing tools such as charcoal to create works based on value and lights and shadows. I have always been open to trying any new mediums, I even took an independent study in intaglio printmaking and absolutely loved it. High school was the major turning point in my approach towards artwork. I had a few excellent teachers who had a huge influence on me and my motivation to create, ultimately making me love the art world. In my senior year I ended up winning first place in my seminar art class final project, which is where I knew I was going somewhere with this.

Grayscale compositions have always been my go-to medium. The way that a single light source can create such a dramatic scene out of the simplest objects has drawn me to create my most successful works to date. Upon entering college I was introduced to mediums such as conté and ink washes, as well as different styles of creating a work of art. Learning these crucial aspects has taken my boundaries in art creation and expanded them to limitless possibilities. I personally feel as if I have been excelling in art at a pace like never before with the introduction of new mediums and techniques. I have begun to favor using ink washes as well with other mixed media. I feel as if my most successful pieces have been with conté, whether it’s a grayscale drawing or most recently brown and white drawings. The largest step I have taken since starting college has been the use of acrylic paints. I’ve discovered that with paints I can achieve the same level of detail and contrast as I can in drawing, if not more. I hope I can continue to improve with painting in the same way that I did with drawing. In my personal time, I take commissions from people to draw portraits of their pets as a way to make money. I also simply make my own works of art for my own enjoyment. My future goal is to work in the field of set design, it has been a vision of mine since high school. I love to experiment and learn about art in my own time as well as in class. I see a bright future for myself in the art world, one where I can keep doing what I love in order to make a living.

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