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Sasha SUN Finlay

Artist Bio

When I was young I did not speak, I saw things and I could not speak to anyone about them. Dreams, words I heard, it seemed to me there was something out there more than what was in front of me.

In second grade I was the oldest in the class and the shortest. I had to repeat first grade. What I did know is I didn’t like the way they taught ART. They still expected me to finger paint. So I took the tools they had and I made a portrait of my new younger sister. Everyone was impressed. Everyone stopped worrying about how much I talked and knew math, and words, although visual I was a good speller. They saw I could draw anything and was quick at it. My speciality through grade school was drawing animals running. Later I myself got into running in high school I was both a track and cross country jock and an
ART SPAZ as the teens called me. I just loved creating. I loved being in front of people and acting. In college combining both movement, gorilla acts, and paint were so interweaved.

My favorite artists were Kandinsky, Klein, Calder, O’Keefe, Yoko Ono, and performers Judy Garland, Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Carol Burnett, and Lily Tomlin.

Of course this seems odd listing artists and performers yet I feel that painters have been the ones out on the ledge since de Vinci creating notebooks of inventions such as cameras, and motion picture as it is today.

My joy in painting is creating a space of my soul in motion reacting to anothers spirit or soul. The colors I choose are like the impressionists complementing one another the same way personalities can relate to each other.

Artist Info

B. 1970 April 10

E. 1998 MFA – New Genres, SFAI San Francisco, CA
1994 BFA – Painting, U of A Fayetteville, AR

Other education:
2009 Alkion, Waldorf Theosophy, Painting, Sculpture
2004 WSA , Printmaking

2015-2009 Present Art Teacher after school program Kingston Library, Kingston, NY
2010-2008 Art Teacher, Y.M. C.A. “ Young Messy Creative Artists” Kingston, NY
2009 Art Teacher for YMCA homeless children program, Kingston, NY
2008-2003 Art Teacher for Mini Modern Artists my own program, Woodstock, Kingston, NY
2005 Art Teacher , Newburgh Art School, Newburgh, NY
2001-2000 Art Teacher/ teacher assistant Montessori School, ST. Helena, CA

2015-Oriole 9,Woodstock, NY
2015-Catskill Art Supplies, Woodstock, NY
2015-2013 works on display White Gyrphn,NY
2014-2012 Woodstock Commons Communtity Room Showcase
2013- Sunflower Health Store, Woodstock, NY
2015-1998 Various Performances in Duality Bags, San Francisco: Downtown Area, Washington Park,
Aquatic Beach, Manhatton: Streets, Central Park, Imagine Circle, Woodstock: Bridge near 375, near La
Cacina Restaurant, The Green, in front of Woodstock Library, Kingston: O positive festival, Turkey Run,
Over bridge near YMCA.
2012-2011-Catskill Art and Office Supply, Kingston, NY
-Doctor’s Office
2009- ASK, Kingston, NY
2009-2006 Dana Adams Studio, Kingston, NY
2006-Coffey Gallery, Kingston, NY

Fiona and David Saxman, Woodstock, NY
Carole S., Woodstock, NY
Karen , Woodstock, NY
Rose Byne, Napa, CA
Astrid B., San Francisco, CA
Ellen Fayetteville, AR

Artist Contact Info