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Scott Micheal Ackerman

February 2015 Featured Artist

Scott michael Ackerman is considered a self-taught “outsider” artist. His paintings are celebrated for being honest and relatable as well as colorful and aesthetically pleasing. Although he continues to develop as an artist, he still delivers the spiritual and emotional impact that his work is known and loved for. Mostly painting on found objects, he uses acrylics, house paint, spray paint, oil sticks and ink. Scott has been showing artwork since 2000 and continues to show as much as possible.Scott has shown in Holland, California, Miami, Hawaii, Virginia, NYC, and throughout the Hudson valley. And will be part of a group show in Germany later this year. His work has been seen on HBO show, How to make it in America, artwork for musician Sean Rowes newest album, and has taken part in Sing for Hopes pop up pianos in NYC for the past two years.

Artist’s Statement

I paint to get alot of things out of my mind, and make room for more. Alot of my work is personal, whether its happy or sad, it struck something inside of me while sometimes dancing around painting in my studio.. if i can make someone happy , or trigger any kind of emotion or thought by seeing my work, I’m a real happy guy… I try to have a lot of fun with painting, I don’t stress about accidents.. and my favorites are usually the ones I am not
thinking at all, and all of a sudden its just done. That has to be one of the best feelings, ever and that keeps me going.

Artist Contact

Interested in visiting his studio in Kingston?
Please call 845-594-8033

To view Scott’s Facebook page click on his art to right.