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Template Guides

Type: Circle Master

Price:   $ 5.00   $ 4.00  
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Type: Isometric Ellipse

Price:   $ 6.25   $ 5.00  
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While the concept of templates literally dates back to prehistoric cave painting, it was the advert of thin, durable and translucent plastics in the 1950's that made modern templates possible.

Modern templates make it easy, fast, and accurate to repeat, create, or insert almost any shape onto literally any surface-paper, vellum, fabric.

Circle Master: 45 circles from 1/16" to 2.25"

Isometric Ellipse: 27 ellipses from 1/8" to 2"

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Please note larger items such as Easels and heavy items such as clay may incur additional shipping fees. Shipping typically takes 3-5 days.