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Solid Marker: Glow-In-The-Dark


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The first marker of its kind to incorporate safety grade photo luminescent material for easy Glow-In-The-Dark safety applications. It can write on, stay on, and glow on smooth, rough, wet or damp surfaces. Photo luminescent pigments are better than novelty grade-because they glow brighter after the same light exposure. The brightness and the duration of the glow mark can be up to 30 minutes, but is dependent upon four factors: a. the intensity of the light/energy source the mark is exposed to, b. the distance of the light/energy, c. the duration of time which the mark is exposed, d. and the paint thickness of the mark.

Possible applications include those for safety, aerospace, commercial fishing boats, fire stations, mining, search and rescue, automotive sales, construction sites, highway construction, shipping, warehouses, and safety and directional signage. The 13mm wide stick can be trimmed with a knife for smaller marks. Working temperature of 15°F to 248°F (-10°C to 120°C). The twist-up base easily advances the solidified paint and the secure cap keeps the paint marker ready to use. Meets ASTM E2072-02 Luminance Standard. Avoid use on acidic surfaces lower than a pH of 2.0. Alcohol based cleaners will remove ink from most non-porous surfaces. Water resistant on most surfaces. Dries within 10 minutes.

  • Handy applicator marks smoothly from the first stroke

  • Marks virtually any material or surface

  • Highly permanent once dry

  • Waterproof and fade resistant*

  • Mess free – no drips, pooling, or runs

  • Fast drying – dries within minutes

  • Fail proof – no tip that can clog or wear off

  • Marks instantly – no shaking or pumping required to start

  • Marks at any angle, upside down, or even underwater!

  • Dry-out resistant – recapped after use, paint remains fresh for a long time

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