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4200 Porcelain Brush Pen 6pc Family Set


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The 4200 Porcelain Brush Pen has a luxuriously smooth application and an even finish. The flexible brush nib has a stroke width of 1-4mm, the water-based pigment ink is quick-drying, can be corrected prior to heat fixing, and is particularly lightfast. Before decorating, clean the porcelain, glazed ceramics or heat-resistant glass thoroughly in the dishwasher, and then use a detergent or denatured alcohol to remove fingerprints or traces of grease. Avoid decorating areas of the porcelain that are used for cutting, eating or drinking. Allow to dry for 15 minutes before heating in the oven at 320 F (160C) for 25 minutes and then to cool in the oven. After heat fixing the design on porcelain it is dishwasher safe up to 122 F (50C).

The 6-Color Family Set includes black, red, blue, green, yellow and brown.

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