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Van Gogh Paper Bouquets

Type: Vase or Sunflowers

Price:  $ 22.95 
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These unique pop-up bouquets will light up the day of anyone who receives it!
How does it work?
- The bouquet lays flat in the original envelope.
- Gently push on the sides to pop the bouquet open.
- Lock the vase in place by inserting a small piece of cardboard at the bottom.
- Voilà! Your vase is ready to display!

No cutting, no gluing, no folding. We promise! What about the envelope?
The packaging of the bouquet is also your envelope. Turn the packaging inside to use as an envelope for your paper bouquet. Adhesive strips are already in place to make it easy for you. Your bouquet will fit right in.

Can I write something? Of course!
We added a detachable note card behind the bouquet so you can write a note to the lucky person who receives it.

Let this person know how special he/she is to you!

Dimensions 10" x 9" 25 cm x 23 cm

We Offer Free Delivery to Ulster & Dutchess County on all over $45!

Please note larger items such as Easels and heavy items such as clay may incur additional shipping fees. Shipping typically takes 3-5 days.