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Koi Watercolors Studio Sketch Box Sets

We Offer Free Delivery to Dutchess County on all orders over $35!

These Studio Watercolor Sets feature high quality student grade half pan watercolors, formulated to blend easily and offer the ability to create bold hues or soft and subtle shades. The numerous color options of the palette will save time from having to blend custom colors. With the convenience of such a wide assortment of paint colors the possibilities are endless. Keep these larger sets close by in your studio for a quick splash of color and to create deep washes for backgrounds or bring it along to add details to portraits and plein air landscapes in the outdoors. The new metallic and fluorescent watercolors included in the 72-Color set provide shimmering and dazzling effects to your everyday project. Great for adding color to comics, illustrations, and lettering projects. Each set includes two 9ml water brushes to transport and store water (round 2 and round 6), two sponges and two palettes (one on reverse side of lid, another in an inner tray). ACMI AP seal certified.